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Budget Friendly BOHO ideas

Love the clean look of boho style?

Love the gender neutral colours of boho styling? The clean airy look? We have some ideas for you to create this look.

5 easy steps to bring BOHO into your home

Step 1

Colour-you want to add in gender neutral tones for your walls. I like to start with off white or cream tones. You add in colour with your artwork and accessories. If this is a deal breaker for you keep your colours warm.

Step 2

Add your artwork-this is where you can add colour to your area. Shop for these at your local thrift shop to save you money.

Step 3

One of the easiest ways to bring boho styling into your home is to add plants.

Typically you see large plants in this styling. This also brings so much added benefit as well as aesthetic purposes. You can easily finds plants at your local nursery.

Step 4

Add jute, macrame, wicker, natural woods- this keeps that airy flow of that boho feeling. A jute rug, wicker chair or shelves. Natural wood for furniture. Again you can thrift for these finds.

Step 5

Linens- Add neutral colours for curtains or bed linen. This duvet cover is from

Don't forget to add your own special touches to this compilation.

I am by know means a interior designer. I do love the #BOHO styling and incorporate this to MY Studios. I have always find discarded items such as shutters, old windows and add paint, lights or leave as is. I love thrifting and have a close friend who sells her finds from estate sales and other means @glowthrifted

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I love these simple tips & tricks! Thanks!

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