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Meet the team, who inspires MY Studios

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MaryAnn Young

Founder & Instructor

MaryAnn has been passionate about yoga for over 10 years, attending festivals, retreats and training. MaryAnn went on to 200 YTT in 2018. MaryAnn is also trained in Buti Yoga, DEEP, HotCore, Buti Bands+Sculpt, Merge the Practice l, Merge ll. She is currently working on her Primal Flow certificate as well. Join MaryAnn as she takes you through these unique practices. 🙏



Hi, I'm Amanda! I love dogs, getting active outside, and of course, yoga. I'm a busy Mum to 3 wonderful humans, and I know what it's like to feel like you never have enough time in a day. I was always staring at a never ending to do list, feeling tired, overwhelmed, and wondering when I would ever get time for just me. I took a deeper dive into yoga to rediscover my sense of self, reclaim some balance in my life, and feel more centred and grounded. I am a RYT200, currently enrolled in a 300hr YTT working towards my RYT500 designation. I have completed training in pre + post natal yoga, yoga shred, yoga for pelvic health and yoga for athletes. Through my experience and training, I've honed my practice and my teaching style to lead a breath centred practice and incorporate my favourite movement and meditation practices that leave my students feeling centred and refreshed

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Hi there, I'm Lindsay! Yoga has been part of my life since I was 16. I first started practicing in my room in a small town (so no public classes) from a book I purchased online. I practiced on and off for quite a few years but started to dive in deeper in 2016. I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, and also have my Level 1 Merge Training. My yoga journey has been a huge part of my personal and emotional growth. It has given me tools for dealing with stress and anxiety, has helped me connect to my body, and become more confident. My teaching style encourages students to challenge themselves, try something new, and still keep a light heart and have fun. I love a variety of movement types and know I feel my best when I move my body often, followed by periods of rest. Along with yoga I also love being outside and hiking.



I started practicing yoga about 7 years ago and quickly fell in love with the practice. I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and 95-hour Kids Yoga Teaching Training in 2020. I am passionate about practicing and teaching yoga. My classes are gentle, flowy, and intuitive. I offer lots of cues and modifications for every level. I hope to see you in the studio soon!





Yoga has been a part of my life for 4 years. In that time, what started as taking a class once a week developed into a passion that I continually want to share with others. For me, yoga is a place to breathe, to authentically connect to oneself and to others, with where you are at any giving moment. It’s an opportunity to find the magic of movement and the beauty of stillness. I am filled with gratitude for all the many hours of study that I have been able to attend. I will forever remain a student. My 200hr yoga alliance certified training was completed in 2018. I am a certified advanced Buti Yoga instructor with additional certifications in HotCore by Buti Yoga, 60hrs of training for Yin Yoga and have completed my level 1&2 of Merge the Practice, a training developed to help with functionality of movement through a better understanding of our connective tissues. I love duality of teaching both the power classes and the softer restorative classes.



Chelsea was born and raised in Grande Prairie finding growth through movement, family, & an affection towards all living things! Inspired to become more connected to her body, Chelsea completed a 200hr YTT, opening up opportunities to various fitness trainings and certificates. Her intention as a teacher is to compassionately help others practice their enthusiasm towards fitness, movement and growth!




I’ve had the idea that movement should be fun and functional, and have always felt better when I have incorporated movement as “therapy”. Years of different movements have given me new tools over the years- possibly because I get bored easily. I’m a boxing coach off and in for 20 years, massage therapist for over 21years, advanced Buti instructor, yoga YTT 200, merge the practice level 1. I love mixing it up depending on how we feel to feel engagement and release for an overall wringing out experience.



Compassionate and genuine, Candace is committed to using her voice to spark joy and inspire an awakened state of being. She found her purpose at the age of 17 when she discovered the practice of yoga and has since sought new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. After completing her first 200 hour training in 2017, Candace developed a deep passion for learning and has since been eager to deepen her knowledge and understanding. Her curiosity has led her down a path of connection and self-discovery, and she is continuously inspired by her teachers and many friends she has met on her journey. Candace leads intuitively with grace and power. Her passion for breath-guided movement, self-inquiry and growth make her classes both grounding and up-lifting. She is devoted to sharing yoga from a place of embodiment and dedicates herself to her practice while continuously exploring new ways to learn.

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Hi I’m Lorna Yoga has always been a passion of mine. Yoga was one of the first things I truly did for me! It has taught be many things about myself as well as the power of the practice both on the mat as well as off. Working as a nurse, Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Doula, and yoga instructor has guided me toward what I love, and sets my heart on fire. To empower women with knowledge to help them believe in the power of their bodies, and the amazing things we can do. We can grow a human in our bodies, birth and nourish them with our breastmilk. We are AMAZING! Join me for prenatal yoga! Each week there is a topic related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, The 4th trimester, baby wearing with Yoga Flow for all Trimesters of pregnancy, which helps with hips, discomforts of pregnancy and the benefits of yoga and yoga poses in your labour and birth, as well as postnatal! Knowledge is power, be empower! Always such great conversation 🧘‍



 I started my yoga journey as a way of staying active, and very quickly fell in love with yoga beyond the asana practice. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did a teacher training in 2020 in hopes to share the mind, body, and soul connection I found through my yoga practice. I love connecting breath to movement & helping people reconnect to themselves on and off the mat 

Yoga Pose



Hi I’m Kate! I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2017 and have reached my 200hr E-RYT designation. I love a good mix of all yoga disciplines and also teach yoga at the high school I work at as a teacher. I am a mom to three beautiful girls. I also do curriculum design and yoga program development and teacher education. 

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